An easy-to-use worship Program built especially for you!



This Software takes all the stress of building the meeting presentation away, and within a couple of minutes you can have a multi-purpose meeting presentation for your worship. Connecting to websites such as Bible Gateway and YouTube makes it easy to grab data and puts it in your presentation in sections. Choose from Songs, Messages, Animations and lots more to put into your presentation. Build up your own song bank by gathering songs from and storing them in the program. This software can be used in any worship setting and can be adapted to the individual.

Buy: £80

30 – Day free trial.

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( Subscription is not included) 

Software Features:

  • Song Bank complete with data storage, audio and formatting
  • Message Bank
  • Picture Bank
  • Bible Bank with connection to
  • Animation Bank with 9 different effects
  • Song of Praise that enables you to select songs during the meeting
  • Video Bank complete with URL compatibility for playing YouTube Videos
  • Text Bank complete with data storage
  • Change Fonts and Background of any item
  • Songs Control Panel – Add and Edit songs in your database, add song from
  • Song Index
  • Create unlimited song books
  • Add multiple of opening and closing sequences, or add a video to start the meeting off
  • In-built support
  • In-built error reporting
  • Add audio to any item
  • Remote control compatibility
  • Online Transfer to transfer your meeting files from one computer to another quickly and easy.
  • Viewer control Panel
  • On screen navigational help
  • On the spot songs if you think of a song during a meeting
  • Save your meetings with the date and time of the meeting
  • Picture Gallery
  • Automation screen system 

This software has no relationship with Song Select directly. This has been developed by accessing the website through a web browser in the software. You will have to buy a licence from them directly to have access to all song lyrics.


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