High-View Studios can develop and/or maintain your websites Using a Joomla based system your website will be easy to use and navigate around it. The system will enable you as the end users to update the content on the website yourselves. At a responsible cost you can have a good website to advertise who you are, whether your a business or a charity. High-View Studios can provide you with the best website that suits you the most! 

Hosting and Domain Names

These two topics are what people mostly worry about first, where can I host my website? how do I get a domain for it? Here, it is all done for you in the setup package. This package will get you up a running with a basic website, and a working domain name so that your customers can go straight to it. The Hosting and domains are maintained for you so you don't need to worry about that.

To host a website, the minimum contract is one year and the year will start when you site go live after the setup package. This can take up to six weeks to complete, depending on the size of the website. Near to the end of the contract you will be asked if you want to extend the contract, this will be done two months before it expires to avoid any downtime on changing over contracts.

The domain names are simple, they are always on a two year lease. 

Extensions and Styles

With the Joomla content system, they are many extensions you can use on your website, connect with Facebook, have a photo galley, downloads or even a shopping cart. High-View Studios will install and configure all extensions for you so all you have to do is enjoy them. Some extensions you do have to buy for and this will be an extra charge to High-View Studios, you pay us and we will buy them.

You can also have your own styles in joomla but again these are not free, a maximum of £15 per style, but its simple, you pick a style from a selected website, you pay High-View Studios, we buy them and install them too. 

Price List

Website Hosting**

£2.99 monthly / £35.88 annually 

E-commerce Hosting**

4.98 monthly / £59.79 annually

Domain Names**

From £10 annually

SSL Certificate Protection**


Website Setup Fee


E-commerce Setup Fee


Template Fee

From £15

Service charge

£10 per issue

Email Account**

1.99 monthly / 23.88 annually

Consolation (outside Wrexham area)


Call-out fee



**Every website is under a 2 year contract with annual invoice payments due in January. This includes both website hosting and domain names. If you have email accounts, this will also be in the invoice. The contract is signed by parties, High-View Studios and the customer.



Email Accounts

Do you want your own email to go with your website. High-View Studios can provide you with 2GB of space for emails and attachments. You can pick up an email account for only £1.99 per month. Please use the contact page if you are interested.


All the websites are maintained to make sure they are running 100%. This maintenance include, backups, upgrades and monthly reports. You can have a web master in your business or organisation that can have more access to the website to develop it, although if you have not got a person like that, High-View Studios will take on more responsibility of becoming the web master of your website. This may cost you more, depending what you want on the website.   

There is a service charge in place for more complex problems, add-ons and upgrades that High-View Studios have to some some time on. This will cost an extra £5 for each task.