The company has had a lot of experience tutoring people of all ages and has got up to 8 years of IT experience. I offer tutoring lessons either in a group or on an individual basis. I have got skills in multiple aspects of the subject. The lessons are fun and easy to follow, but most importantly suited to your needs. 

Personal Training

Do you want a personal trainer? Do you want to learn what you want and not what the tutor wants to teach? I can be that person that will listen to you and help you along the way. Whether it's in education, GCSE, BTEC, A Levels, or just a hobby that you want to learn about. More and more jobs now require you to have IT skills and the middle aged people who is looking for a job, won't be successful because of this new requirement. I can help you with that, whatever job you are after and whatever skills you need, you will learn them with me.

Remember, I teach you what YOU want to learn!


I have got over 8 year experience in ICT (Information Communication Technology), and I am confident to teach in the following areas:

Microsoft Office (all versions)

HTML/CSS (Web design)

C# .NET Visual Studio


Internet explorer

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Game development (Xbox/Windows games)


Mobile development (C/C#)

Basic ICT Skills


High-View studios will be provide courses in various communities in Wrexham to help people with IT. These courses will be easy and fun to do, and with great company!

There is another type of course I teach which is the Independence Award. This course is done on an individual basis and it is for someone who wants to achieve a goal in IT. This is how it works, you pick an area of IT, High-View Studios will send you a booklet out to you, and you work through the booklet on your own. When you have completed the booklet, you send it back with the completed worksheet and then you are given an award for Independence for that area.

So what are you waiting for? BE INDEPENDENT IN IT!   


Below are the costings for the tutoring service and the courses that are on offer:


In Wrexham Area: £20 first hour, £10 per hour after

Out of Wrexham: £30 first hour, £15 per hour after


Courses (when availability): £10

Independence Award: £30