High-View Studios cares about its customers and what they want inside their software. From the initial meeting, it's the key of getting to know you and getting to know what your company is all about. This will help the development of the software to be tailored to suit the company's needs as well as the customer.  From the insights of your current system, it is possible to offer an analysis of how the new system will benefit the old system. Every software enquiries is processed on an individually basis. 

The Process

The development process will be slightly different for every customer, depending on their needs. The process can last for 6 months to 2 years, this will include an initial meeting to the project and a meeting at every stage of the development. Sometimes research will need to be carried out before the development of the project can start, or before a feature of the software can start to be developed. After every research period there will be a meeting for the customer to see the solution of the feature before the development starts. 

There will be a testing period of every project and this will involve the customer having a prototype of the software for them to start using the software in the company. This will allow any un-seen development errors to pop up and for the user to have the chance for suggesting new features for the software.

Updating Service

As part of the development process there is a update service on all of the software to make it that much simpler updating your software after further development. This service is counted into the development cost. 

If you are buying a product that the development process is still active, you can have the update at extra cost, £50 for 2 year subscription.

How much does it cost?

All software development will be priced on a individually basis. Most of the development will be charged on a hourly rate but some feature will cost more than the hourly rate. If you are on a tight budget you perosnalise the project to suit you and you can pause the development until you have another budget. High-View Studios will work around you.

There are products that are already been developed that are on sale which the public can buy, but these products can only be further developed on by the original customer.  


Support is available on all of the software that have been developed. We the project is in the development and testing stages you will have full support and how ever much your software needs it. Some larger projects will have a support and a error feature built into them for quicker respond time. For any software problems please use the contact page.